Tempus | One Health Project

Tempus One Health Project Brief Overview

Project Details

Project Title: Public health in the Western Balkans - improvement in the field of public health and development of a "One Health" educational and scientific architecture in Western Balkan countries

Project Number: 544182-TEMPUS-1-2013-1-IT-TEMPUS-JPCR

Project Duration: December 2013 - October 2016

Participating Countries: Italy (coordinator), Bosnia and Herzegovina, Spain, Portugal, Slovenia, Kosovo.


Hello everybody! One Health Tempus project has started and Partners have already formed Tempus Commissions in their University/Institution.


The Grant agreement was signed. We commenced the hard work, as we had a lot of duties, the greatest challenge being the design of a one year post-graduate Master Course in One Health. We carefully studied Public Health/One Health Master programmes worldwide. We particularly desired to design the Master Programme in accordance with the EU standards but to suit it to the Western Balkans (WB) needs at the same time. In order to achieve it, a questionnaire was prepared to be distributed as a survey among WB stakeholders, in order to have their suggestions/perceptions on One Health WB needs. Stakeholders are to be of crucial importance in creation of a One Health net EU-WB.


The kickoff meeting was organised at the Rectorate of the University degli Studi di Milano, with the participation of all partner institutions and organisations. Meeting was very successful and all the aspects of the project have been discussed in a cooperative manner. With the capacity building in mind, it was proposed to have One Health postgraduate Master Courses organized at the same time in Sarajevo and Pristina and Consortium agreed to consider this proposal.

MARCH 2014:

Kosovo Accreditation Agency (KAA) was contacted as a possible partner and agreed to join the project. Questionnaire was in the designing stage, to e sent to the possible postgraduate One Health Master stakeholders (students included) in order to obtain their feedback on One Health WB needs. Important issues raised in the questionnaire, amongst others were: What are the One Health WB needs? What is the One Health perception of One Health in WB Countries in the Consortium? Does WB need a One Health postgraduate Master Course?

APRIL 2014:

Project logo was designed by a 23 years old woman, a young and fresh project logo perfectly highlighting One Health: human and veterinary medicine doctors all together for Public Health.

MAY 2014:

Tempus One Health developed its day-book: "Tempus on board"! Steps, results, photos and whatever concerning the project will be reported in it.


Retraining was organised. About 20 applications from WB partner Universities: University of Sarajevo, University of East Sarajevo and University of Pristina were received. After applications had been examined by EU partners, the applicants received training in the four EU University in the Consortium, in accordance with their expressed preferences and availability of tutors. The first draft of the One Health postgraduate Master Course was developed.

AUGUST 2014:

Preparations for Sarajevo September meeting and workshop were taking place.


Project meeting and workshop was organised in Sarajevo and deemed very successful and useful. Survey results were presented and well received by the academic authorities and the stakeholders. Participants reached the agreement on the basic design of the postgraduate One Health Master Course, to be organised in 7 or 8 areas, each one devoted to a relevant One Health topic. The course would follow EU standard and would be based on ECTS as stated in the proposal. Consortium agreed on possibility of two courses: one in Sarajevo and one in Pristina. Budget was revised in order to give the possibility to students from Bosnia and Herzegovina and from Kosovo to spend two weeks at Universit´┐Ż degli Studi di Milano, which would facilitate networking of WB and EU young professionals.


Master design: EU and WB responsible persons were designated for each area. Their task was to coordinate groups of EU and WB experts with relevant academic and scientific credentials in order to jointly design the theoretical and practical program of the area. This required extensive collaboration and intense commitment of all participants. On behalf of EACEA, UNSA received the monitoring visit from the National Erasmus+ Office in BiH. Other project partners and Coordinator attended the monitoring visit and all project issues were discussed in depth.


Master design: activities continued with the approaching deadline (end of the year) for the Master plan to be presented to Kosovo Academic authorities. Pristina colleagues also needed to complete the self evaluating report at the same time, mandatory for any request of new courses. On behalf of EACEA, UNIPR received the monitoring visit from the National Erasmus+ Office in Kosovo. Coordinator also attended the monitoring visit and all project issues were discussed in depth.


The postgraduate One Health Master Course programme was finalised, translated in Albanian and presented to Academic Authorities before December 24th.


One Health Master Course programme is to be translated in Bosnian in order to present it to UNSA Senate.


MARCH 2015:

The first retraining has commenced. Prof Latifi and Dr Haziri from the University of Pristina attended 3 weeks training at Universit´┐Ż degli studi di Milano Veterinary Faculty.

APRIL 2015:

Equipment procurement. Previously, the suitable equipment has been evaluated. The purchasing tender is to be published as soon as possible.

MAY 2015:

The midterm report is to be prepared by June 1st - the midterm report of our project. The report requires involvement of all the participants and should include all the performed activities and the achieved results.